Conscious Becoming is an evolutionary journey of renewal and emergence.

This is an invitation to deepen into the consciousness of your Soul, the Universe and the Greater Whole.

It’s an opportunity to move beyond “healing” the trauma and stories of pain. And enter into a new experience of Conscious Becoming.

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey for any length of time, you probably already know that a greater connected consciousness lies within you. It’s stirring and is ready to be revealed.

In the revealing, a deepening occurs. A connection strengthens with your inner knowingness, brilliance, and greater evolutionary intelligence. You are able to access greater life-force and frequencies of creation.

There is a universe within you that is a mirror of the greater Universe. The universe longs to express through you, as you.

The universe is always evolving.

It’s always becoming its next expression.

It cannot be stopped.

This leaves us with a simple choice…

Be the evolution of the universe… or be dragged along by the evolution of the universe. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into being dragged.

And here’s what I’ve discovered from my deep participation…

As we allow the evolutionary consciousness of the Universe to live through us, we naturally experience more peace, connectedness, inspiration, and clarity.

We become cocreators with the universe AND physical reality. The more we sync up with the evolution of the universe, the more our unique resonance contributes to the greater whole. And it back to us.

3 Relationships to Master

To deeply co-create with evolution and live our soul’s destiny, there are 3 core relationships we must master:

1. Our relationship with ourselves.

The job here is to hold ourselves in the highest regard and be on our own side. We must dissolve and transform the antagonisms and micro-aggressions we hold towards ourselves and our past behavior.

2. Our relationship with the world.

This includes all of our relationships with others. We are in the physical world for specific soul experiences. Through our relationship with the world is how these experiences happen.

3. Our relationship with creation.

This is our relationship with the source of everything we see, touch, taste, hear, and feel. All of life springs from this invisible, but accessible place. And we access creation through our relationship with creation.


Our challenges with any of these 3 relationships cause us to create barriers to protect ourselves from sadness, anxiety, and heartbreak.

We create coping patterns to protect ourselves that show up in a myriad of ways. These sophisticated, protective energies become walls that prevent and limit our access to our very essence. And we’ve had them so long that we often believe the coping patterns and identities are us.

They trick us from the inside. They manipulate our thoughts and trigger our emotions in ways that are incredibly believable. We mistake them for us because they feel like us… but they’re not.

Conscious Becoming uses personal lifestyle consulting services focused on spiritual and personal growth.

This private work – Conscious Becoming is designed to gently release the protective energies and identities. When you do this, you allow yourself access to the divinity that resides within you. And you grant yourself access to the universe that IS you and the Universe as a whole.

We are in the process of great evolution on the planet. We are being invited to evolve as a species. As we evolve, we open to and become greater consciousness. As we do this, we “re-wire” our internal programming. We evolve our nervous systems, gain access to more of our brain, and expand our limited perspectives.

Not only do we personally evolve, but our personal evolution ripples through all of humanity.

This journey of Conscious Becoming isn’t for everyone. It is only for those who have done the “healing”. There comes a time when the “healing” is over. That process has given you all it can. And you’re ready to reveal, emerge and BE who you really get to BE.

The past has served its purpose. And now you are free to reveal, know and BECOME the new you… the new human.

Conscious Becoming happens at a very foundational level. Your outdated reference points transform and dissolve. Pain, trauma, and victimhood melt away and lose their grip on you.

When you are no longer in the patterns and “wiring” of stress, trauma, and separation, you naturally begin to align to creation and Universal intelligence.

A greater destiny opens and reveals itself. For you are truly no longer trapped in the past. Lifeforce energy moves though you and so does brilliance of the Universe and creation.

It’s your divine right, to evolve in this way. To become the new species of human that is no longer under the past game of control and victimization. But rather a creator that is simply present with what IS and at choice.

From this consciousness as a creator, your ability to see and know clearly simply IS. There is far less confusion. For you know yourself. The bigger picture of who YOU are and what gets to BE your life is apparent. From this clarity, the next steps towards your greater destiny are revealed. You know what is true for you and what is yours to live.

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Conscious Becoming uses personal lifestyle consulting services focused on spiritual and personal growth.

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